Wildlife of the Great Bear Rainforest -Vie sauvage de la Forêt Pluviale du Grand Ours

British Columbia, Canada - 2017

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The major aim of this expedition was to photograph the rare Kermode bear, also known as Spirit or White bear, in the coastal rainforest (Great Bear Rainforest) of northern British Columbia, Canada. This  place is well-know for its very humid climate and abundant wildlife (including black bear, grizzly, wolf, seals, eagles and many other birds). The Kermode Spirit bear is genetically close to the black bear. In the Great Bear rainforest, about one-tenth of the black bear population has surprizingly white or cream-coloured coats. This colour change is due to a double recessive mutated gene unique in the subspecies. These bears are not albinos and not related to polar or Alaska's brown bears. Sometimes, a mother black bear can have a white cub. A mother kermode can also have a black cub if the mating occurs with a black bear..According to First Nations legend, the bear has unique powers and is highly regarded and protected by local arboriginal communities. In september, salmon run is very intense (Pink salmon). Black bears as well as some rare spirit bears can be seen fishing the salmons in creeks of Gribell Island (Gitga’a Fisrt Nation Territory).  Another great place for viewing wildlife is the Kutze Inlet also in Gitga’a Fisrt Nation Territory. Moreover, the migrating Humpback whales, on their route to Hawai’i (mating place), are also quite abundant in the channels surrounding the islands (Inside Passage).

For more informations see: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/rare-white-bear-key-saving-canadian-rainforest-180956330/

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